Cannabis Landscape
Undergoing Seismic Transition…

Cannabis is expanding

More people using cannabis

  • More than 4 in 10 (41%) first used CBD in the previous six months, and about 7 in 10 (68%) began consuming it less than a year previously(1)

U.S. laws have changed

  • Hemp is legal at federal level; 4 cannabinoid drugs have received federal approval; 33 states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes; 11 states have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes

Public sector supports it

  • 2/3rd of US support legalization; only 1/10th of US oppose legalization for medical or recreational uses

Operational excellence matters

State by state cannabis industry framework ripe for advisory services

  • Legal states have unique requirements
  • Most states have yet to create social consumption models
  • No national standards create vital need to execute locally and optimize cross-state, where possible

Limited tax deductions and access to traditional banking a challenge

  • Limited uses of checking / savings accounts; credit cards
  • High federal taxes

Consolidation inevitable

Highly fragmented

  • A trillion-dollar market in 8 years and currently not a single company in the space generates close to $500 million in revenue

Black market still needs to transition

  • Black market has an existing and massive consumer and patient base that has not yet transitioned to the regulated market

Strong Deal Flow (2018)

  • +1,000 VC firm invested +$100 billion
  • +125 active unique VC investors in Cannabis

Green C Advisors
Well-Positioned For Success

Cannabis is expanding

Hypergrowth market requiring substantial capital and operational scaling is Green C Advisors’ expertise

Operational excellence matters

Able to provide solutions and navigate complex state by state regulatory landscape and unlock cross-state efficiency gains

Consolidation inevitable

Green C Advisors well-positioned to create and capture value

Target Markets in
Cannabis Industry


Our team provides a diverse financial and transactional expertise across a broad range of industries, including all Cannabis sectors and the Health and Consumer industries impacted by Cannabis.



combined investment management experience



small business startups



advisory expertise across various industries


Curtis Lee Nabors III

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

  • Focuses on Cannabis Investment Banking, M&A and business development
  • Adaptable, creative and persuasive leader with a 25 year record of delivering results to early mid stage & growth companies
  • BA Lynchburg College

Stephen Horowitz

President, Founder

  • Primary focus: business development & M&A deals
  • Partner of 90M Roll Up and previous COO with 20+ years experience
  • BA Lynchburg College

David Hendren

Chief Legal Officer

  • Experienced venture capital investor, entrepreneur, board member, executive, and business advisor focused on creating value by developing and commercializing innovations in healthcare, medical, life science, IT, and other market and technology areas
  • AB Government Dartmouth College JD Northwestern Law

Michele Castellon

Managing Director

  • Corporate Brand Development/Marketing/Sales/Account Management
  • Medical CBD experience, 10 + years packaging in music industry and pharmaceutical
  • BS Central Connecticut

Tad Huffard

Head of Business Development

  • Tad has multiple years of experience managing and operating indoor cultivation facilities. Originally based in northern California, Tad operated over 10,000 ft sq of indoor canopy before being hired as Assistant Head Grower at Green Thumb Industries’ 35,000 ft sq cultivation site in New Jersey.

David Vogel

SVP Advisory

  • For two decades, David Vogel has successfully managed and improved the financial organizations of global businesses in the many industries including cannabis
  • David has worked in “Big-4”, IBM and other global financial services firms as well as served as CFO and Senior VP of Finance for small and medium sized businesses


Curtis Lee Nabors III


  • Focuses on Cannabis Investment Banking, M&A and business development

Stephen Horowitz


  • Primary focus: business development & M&A deals
  • Partner of 90M Roll Up and previous COO with 20+ years experience
  • BA Lynchburg College

David Hendren


  • Experienced venture capital investor, entrepreneur, board member, executive, and business advisor

Jason Quinn


  • Leader in regulated mobile gaming, raised over $1.5 billion of private and public capital for DraftKings and led the financial due diligence for the FanDuel/DraftKings merger

Cornelius O’Leary


  • Former Connecticut State Senator who served for 20yrs
  • He served as both the Minority and Majority Leader of the Senate

Will West


  • Will West has a career history as a serial entrepreneur, and a globally-experienced executive with a consistent focus on growth strategies across industries.
  • As the Co-Founder and President of Tesseract Medical Research, a California-based life sciences company, Will has vaulted this emerging brand into a distinctive leadership role among a very crowded field.

Gene Holtzman


  • As Founder & President Mitchell Martin has grown from a vision started in 1984 to $180 million in annual revenue. While remaining true to our focus in Information Technology Staffing/Professional Services we have expanded our offerings to include Professional Staffing and Healthcare

Lori Hock


  • Global Professional Services executive and human capital industry expert with a proven track record of driving change and delivering results in both large and mid-sized global organizations. Significant reputation for leading business transformations leveraging technology and innovation with extensive M&A experience

Joseph J. Spalluto


  • Joseph J. Spalluto is a former Group Head, Fixed Income, for Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, an investment bank specializing in the financial services sector.
  • He is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years of sales, management, strategic and operational experience in the investment banking industry.


Robert Lyons


  • Mr. Lyons has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. After receiving his MBA from University of Chicago in 1987, he went to Merrill Lynch where he worked on the Debt Capital Markets desk
  • During his 22 year career at Merrill Lynch he held a variety of debt origination positions, including Global Head of Debt Capital Markets from 2001 through 2005. His final position at Merrill was Vice Chairman in Investment Banking

Bill Dreher


  • Most recently Bill was CFO of Eco-Gen Laboratories a vertically integrated grower of industrial hemp
  • At Eco-Gen Bill led all financial operations including raising $40m
  • Prior to Eco-Gen Bill worked for several bulge bracket financial services institutions with a focus on financial analysis and consumer strategy in the retail and luxury goods industries
  • Bill led Deutsche Banks US Equity Research team covering the retail sector for over eight years

Jay Horowitz


  • Jay Horowitz founded Strategic Legal Solutions in 1995 and served as CEO of the firm through July, 2019, when Strategic merged into KLDiscovery
  • Strategic was one of the first-to-market companies offering temporary legal staffing and managed document review services and a pioneer in nearshoring and applying Six Sigma based processes to managed review



More than 50 countries worldwide have legalized some form of cannabis for medical use, and six – Canada, Uruguay, South Africa, Guam, Georgia and the Northern Mariana Islands have legalized cannabis for personal or recreational use.


• U.S. cannabis market estimated to be over $68 Billion when legalized.
• Cannabis global economic impact estimated to be one trillion+ US dollars.



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